There is nothing stronger than the bond of a mother and her newborn

Did you know that babies develop their sense of hearing between the 15th and 20th week of gestation? For more than half of your pregnancy, your baby hears your heartbeat. They associate your heartbeat with a sense of motion and it provides a soothing affect while they are in the womb.
Our company, Sound the Bell™, created Heartbeat™, so you can create this natural soothing affect after your baby is born. Heartbeat™ is a handheld device that records your heartbeat and lets you play it back to your child. You can also record your heartbeat and your baby's heartbeat together while they are still in the womb.

Benefits of Heartbeat for your newborn

Having your newborn listen to your heartbeat helps to naturally soothe him or her. The sound of the mother's heartbeat is more soothing than swaddling and rocking, because it recreates the natural bond between mother and child. Having your newborn listen to your heartbeat creates an effect similar to rocking your newborn, or soothing it by going on a drive.

Heartbeat™ for Your Home

Our home model lets mothers record their heartbeat and their child's heartbeat simultaneously while they are in the womb. It can also record their heartbeat for the newborn after the child is born.

Heartbeat™ for Your Office

Our medical model can be used instead of a typical stethoscope. Heartbeat is more comfortable and can fit in your pocket. No more weight around your neck or uncomfortable ear pieces. The recording can also be used for further analysis during your patient's pregnancies.

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